Use the powerful search function to find the part(s) you want then compare prices from our selected range of suppliers, then hit BUY and we’ll take you directly to the suppliers page to make the purchase.

Do I need to sign-up to the site to see prices, datasheets or anything else?


How do I get my stock inventory listed on EDINVENTORY?

Contact us by email and we’ll get straight back to you. We have a number of methods of listing your inventory, you can send us a file by email or via FTP or if you have an API we can use that!

Is there any charge for having my stock inventory listed on EDINVENTORY?

No. Absolutely not.

Will there be any charges in the future?

No. Absolutely not.

How do I advertise on this website?

Contact us to know more, we have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers and can even create custom campaigns, ads and filters to meet your needs.