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SmartMesh WirelessHART wireless sensor networks are self managing, low power networks built from wireless nodes called motes. The LTP5900-WHM is the 22-pin SmartMesh WirelessHART mote product in the Eterna® family of IEEE 802.15.4 printed circuit board assembly solutions, featuring a highly-integrated, low power radio design by Analog Devices as well as an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microprocessor running Analog Devices' embedded SmartMesh WirelessHART networking software.The LTP5900-WHM provides a forward compatible solution for customers using Analog Devices' M2510 PCB module. Also available are the LTP5901-WHM module with chip antenna and the LTP5902-WHM module with MMCX antenna connector.With Analog Devices' time-synchronized WirelessHART networks, all motes in the network may route, source or terminate data, while providing many years of battery powered operation. The SmartMesh WirelessHART software provided with the LTP5900-WHM is fully tested and validated, and is readily configured via a software Application Programming Interface (API).Network Features Features Benefit Time Synchronized Channel Hopping Communications >99.999% network reliability in even the most challenging RF environments. Sub 50 µA Routers Can build out a network without any line powered devices. Flexibility to be line powered or energy harvested if desired. Secure Mesh with 128-bit AES Encryption NIST Certified Security. Compromise of one node does not compromise network. Standards-based Compliant to IEC62591 (WirelessHART). Highly Accurate Time Stamping Time stamping on every node is available to applications with millisecond accuracy. Device Features Features Benefit Industry-Leading Low Power Radio Technology 4.5mA to Receive a Packet 5.4mA to Transmit at 0dBm 9.7mA to Transmit at 8dBm Pre-engineered RF RF elements include an on-chip power amplifier and are pre-tuned for optimized performance, including temperature compensation, saving development time. RF Modular Certifications Pre-certified in USA, Canada, and EU. Energy Harvesting Support Very low power design enables motes to be powered by a wide variety of energy harvesters. ApplicationsLearn more about SmartMesh applications.

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