TLV320A3254I HB G4

Texas Instruments

Very Low-Power Stereo Audio CODEC with programmable miniDSP 32-VQFN -40 to 85

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Technical Specifications

Lead Free Status Yes
ROHS Compliance Compliant
# ADCs(Typ) 2
# Inputs / # Outputs 6 / 4
# of Digital Audio Interfaces 1
ADC SN (Typ)(dB) 93
Additional Features MiniDSP,PowerTune (tm),LP Bypass,PLL,Digital Mic Support,LDO (for single supply operation up to 3.6V)
Approx. Price (US$) 3.95 1ku
Control Interface SPI,I2C
DAC SN (Typ)(dB) 100
DACs(#) 2
Digital Audio Interface L, ,I2S,TDM,DSP
Estimated Package Size (WxL)(mm2) [pf]32VQFN[/pf]
Headphone Driver Yes
Operating Temperature ange(C) -40 to 85
Package Group VQFN
Power Consumption(Typ)(mW) 4.1
Sampling ate(Max)(kHz) 192
THD+N ADC(Typ)(dB) -85
THD+N DAC(Typ)(dB) -83
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