Texas Instruments

Low-Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt egulator 5-SOT-23 0 to 70

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Technical Specifications

Lead Free Status Yes
ROHS Compliance Compliant
Approx. Price (US$) 0.15 1ku
Estimated Package Size (WxL)(mm2) [pf]3SOT-23[/pf]
Initial Accuracy(Max)(%) 1.5
Iout/Iz(Max)(mA) 15
Min Iz for egulation(uA) 55
Operating Temperature ange(C) -40 to 125,-40 to 85,0 to 70
Package Group SOT-23,SOT-89,TO-92
Pin/Package 3SOT-23, 3SOT-89, 3TO-92, 5SOT-23
Temp Coeff(Max)(ppm/ degree C) 138
Temp Coeff(Typ)(ppm/ degree C) 46
VO Adj(Max)(V) 6
VO Adj(Min)(V) 1.24
ating Catalog
eference Voltage Adjustable