Texas Instruments

4.5V to 18V Input, 2-A Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT? Converter with Eco-mode? 10-VSON -40 to 85

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Technical Specifications

Lead Free Status Yes
ROHS Compliance Compliant
Approx. Price (US$) 0.63 1ku
Compensation Not Needed
Control Mode D-CAP2
Duty Cycle(Max)(%) 90
Estimated Package Size (WxL)(mm2) [pf]10VSON[/pf]
Iout(Max)(A) 2
Iq(Typ)(mA) 0.8
Market Segment Consumer & Portable Electronics
Operating Temperature ange(C) -40 to 85
Package Group SO PowerPAD,SOIC,VSON
Soft Start Adjustable
Special Features Enable,Light Load Efficiency,Synchronous ectification
Switch Current Limit(Typ)(A) 3.3
Switching Frequency(Max)(kHz) 700
Switching Frequency(Min)(kHz) 700
Topology Buck
Type Converter (Integrated Switch)
Undervoltage Lockout Fixed
Vin(Max)(V) 18
Vin(Min)(V) 4.5
Vout(Max)(V) 7
Vout(Min)(V) 0.76
Vref Accuracy(Typ)(%) 2
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