TPL7407L - 40V Low Side Driver Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments

The TPL7407LEVM is 7-Channel relay and Inductive load sink driver evaluation module that demonstrates the integrated circuit TPL7407LDR. The TPL7407LDR is a high-performance peripheral driver designed to drive loads of many types including relays, stepper motors, lamps, and light emitting diodes.

This EVM is configured with seven push buttons that supply input to the TPL7407L driver and seven relays are driven by the TPL7407L outputs. A four terminal block must be connected to external power supplies to provide input and relay power. All of the TPL7407L input and output pins are accessible for external connection.


  • Seven numbered push-buttons control input for easy basic device testing
  • Three 0.1” spaced post connector ports allow access to all input and output pins and relay contacts
  • Three open locations per channel on circuit board for user supplied components
  • Onboard relay loads can be disconnected by removing surface mount zero ohm resistors
  • Device clearance area is large to allow use of small profile temperature forcing equipment
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