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The ADP122 / ADP123 are low quiescent current, low dropoutlinear regulators. They are designed to operate from an inputvoltage between 2.3 V and 5.5 V and to provide up to 300 mA of output current. The low 85 mV dropout voltage at a 300 mA loadimproves efficiency and allows operation over a wide inputvoltage range.The low 170 μA of quiescent current at full load makes the ADP122ideal for battery-operated portable equipment.The ADP122 is capable of 31 fixed output voltages from 1.75 Vto 3.3 V. The ADP123 is the adjustable version of the device andallows the output voltage to be set between 0.8 V and 5.0 V by an external voltage divider.The ADP122 / ADP123 are specifically designed for stable operationwith tiny 1 μF ceramic input and output capacitors to meet therequirements of high performance, space constrained applications.The ADP122 / ADP123 have an internal soft start that gives aconstant start-up time of 350 μs. Short-circuit protection andthermal overload protection circuits prevent damage in adverse conditions. The ADP122 / ADP123 are available in a tiny, 5-leadTSOT package and 6-lead LFCSP package for the smallestfootprint solution to meet a variety of portable applications.APPLICATIONS Digital camera and audio devices Portable and battery-powered equipment Automatic meter reading (AMR) meters GPS and location management units Medical instrumentation Point-of-sale equipment

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